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Survival Backpack Kit Buying Guide

Survival Backpack Kit Buying Guide

Most people want to take care of themselves and their loved ones in an emergency. Trying to plan for every single possible emergency or disaster situation is overwhelming and can actually prevent some people from taking action. When you are buying survival gear or a survival kit, keep it simple and focus on these 3 rules.

  • A person can survive 3 hours without regulated body temperature. (Shelter, clothing)
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

The rules of 3 should provide a basic guideline for buying or building a survival kit for any disaster situation. Shelter, water, food.

A Survival kit, a bug out bag or survival backpack kit is available in a variety of sizes and are made for one person, 4 people, 10 people, even more. They can cover scenarios such as tornadoes, earthquakes, power grid failures, maybe even the zombie apocalypse. We carry a diverse supply of survival kits designed for simple or more complex disaster situations. Most of our survival backpacks, bug out bags and home survival kits will last from 3 days to several weeks depending on the scenario one is planning for. 

If you live in an area that could be affected by a natural disaster, owning some type of survival kit is one of the most important aspects of emergency planning. Just having a basic set of survival supplies and gear can provide not only peace of mind, but also will go a long way to get you out of a jam and maybe even save someone's life. 

While some survival kits offer a wide variety of items, most on the market today carry the same basic survival gear. One survival kit can't cover every singe disaster situation that may happen. The survival kits, bug out bag kits and survival backpack kits we carry are of the highest quality at a reasonable cost and should cover most disaster situations but not end of the civilized world scenarios. 

By following the rules of 3, having a clean water supply and some type of shelter are the most critical items to have in a survival kit. The short term water supplies in the survival kits on the market today is where the majority of the carry weight comes from so be sure to have a survival kit that has water purification supplies or a hydration kit. Having water purification tablets and nothing to put the purified water in does not do anyone any good so be sure to buy a survival kit that has a water container or plan on purchasing one.

Most of the emergency shelters in survival kits are very basic and for short term use only or until emergency help arrives. If you already have a camper or cabin, consider a well stocked bug out bag with room for freeze dried food or MRE's. The most common  supplies included in our survival kits are mylar or wool blankets, ponchos, body warmers and tube-tents. These items can help keep you dry, warm and more comfortable.

Some type of emergency communication should be included in any survival kit. Most of our pre-made kits include some type of emergency radio for receiving news, weather reports or up to date emergency information. You may want to also consider some type of emergency cell phone charger which can help to establish contact with others that may be nearby. Having the ability to contact others can greatly increase your chances of being found safe in a disaster situation. Some of our survival kits even carry a solar phone charger.

Having a basic set of survival tools is an extremely vital part of emergency planning. If you are sheltering in place at your home, you should have the basic tools already available from everyday use. The problem most people have is if they are evacuated from their home or a stuck in a vehicle. These items then become some of the most valuable assets for a bug out bag or survival backpack. Knives and other multi-tools will help you cut, repair, extract and rig what you need to survive most disaster situations.

Our survival kits also include Personal Hygiene and First Aid supplies. Staying clean and having sanitary conditions help prevent the spreading of disease by minimizing cross contamination. While you are not going to be dressed up in a natural disaster, staying clean will help you mentally stay sharp, focused and positive. First Aid supplies help minimize the risk of infections from minor injuries or provide you the ability to help others if needed. 

Hope this guide is helpful in your emergency planning.



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