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Why you need a get home bag

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The odds are higher that a person will need a get home bag than a bug out bag. A bug out bag is for when you need to leave your home quickly. A get home bag is to help you get home and can be a true life saver. Snow is pretty if you're admiring it from your cozy living room while standing by a fireplace. But it turns ugly when your car gets stuck in it.

How about this story.

A man buys an SUV for his family. On one of those nice spring afternoons when it is warm and the sun is shining brightly, he decides to take his five year old son on an drive and see what the new SUV can do. He drives up to one of the local National Forest roads on top of the mountain. Snow is still on top of the mountain and he turns the dial on the dashboard to 4 wheel drive. "Now let's have a little fun" he says to his boy. As he drives along the mountain top road the snow gets deeper and deeper. No reason to panic, he just needs to find a spot that he can turn around. The weather is also beginning to change. Overcast, drizzling freezing rain. As he continues deeper into the woods the trail left by previous 4 wheel drive vehicles comes to an end with a large snow bank ahead.

He tries to back up and turn around but the trail is narrow. He keeps trying and becomes stuck. In his effort to get the SUV free he stalls the motor. For some reason the motor will not start again. 

Now the skies are gray, the wind has picked up, a freezing mix is falling and it is beginning to get dark. It is only about a two to three mile walk back to the main road, but his son is only dressed in his pajamas and winter coat. There is no way his five year old can withstand the bad weather to get back to the main road. He reaches for his cell phone but of course up on the mountain, there is no cell service. This is not a good situation to be in.

How about these highlights from the January 2016 snow storm.

Travelers stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for almost 24 hours started rolling again Saturday night. About 500 vehicles came to a standstill on a 7-mile stretch of the turnpike Friday because of bad weather

I-77 reopens in West Virginia. 150-200 vehicles, mostly tractor trailers, had been stranded there overnight.

Traffic flows again on I-75 in Kentucky. Hundreds of motorists had been stuck for as many as 19 hours along a hilly 35-mile stretch of I-75 in central Kentucky because of the snowstorm.

April Gilliam-Montesinos said she braked her car to a halt at 1 p.m. Friday, with vehicles snaked ahead of and behind her. She, her father and her two daughters -- ages 4 and 14 -- huddled in the car overnight, with no food and water.

She used Twitter to ask state police for help.

"They sent an officer out here, but he didn't know what he was coming out here for, so he didn't bring anything with him," Gilliam-Montesinos said. "So he actually gave my dad his own snacks so my dad's blood sugar wouldn't drop."

The question now isn't why you may need a get home bag, it's what to pack.

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