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That was close


Lots of rain is all we had to deal with this past week and weekend. Not much really severe flooding here (unlike South Carolina) I wonder what would have happened if the hurricane would have hit the east coast of Virginia and North Carolina? If there was a mass evacuation, where would all the people go? What if they are stuck on the evacuation routes? Are the surrounding areas emergency and public services able to handle an influx of thousands of people?

Being prepared is really not difficult, but unfortunately, 98% of the American public are probably not equipped to handle a severe weather event like these  https://www.facebook.com/readygov/videos/vb.499937... I guess some people think it just will not happen to them.

Mountain House has a very good just in case emergency kit that would be a good place to start for most people. http://www.borderlandsupply.com/mountain-house-5-d... 

Add some water supplies, emergency lighting and other miscellaneous survival gear and most of the eastern coast of Virginia and North Carolina might have been more prepared to handle this type of storm. 

If you fail to plan, plan on failing-Benjamin Franklin

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