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Survival backpack review. $79.99 or $279.99?


There are so many survival kits, bug out bags and survival backpacks on the market, which one should the average person buy just in case of an emergency? It depends on the situation but for most people, the most cost effective survival kit that covers the basics of shelter, food, water, survival tools, and a basic first aid kit should be sufficient enough to get you out of a jam and possibly save your life.

Below is a simple side by side comparison of a survival backpack that costs $79.99 from Guardian Survival and a $279.99 Ruck Up Bug Out Bag. 

The Ruck up has a Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit that is waterproof and includes a Gerber miniature multi-tool with 10 components, a miniature light, fire starter, cotton ball tinder, waterproof matches, snare wire, emergency cord, fishing kit, sewing kit, waxed thread, survival blanket, signaling mirror, and hand saw. The Priorities of Survival pocket guide, SOS instructions, and land to air rescue instructions are included with this kit. I gave the survival gear edge to Ruck Up. You could handle many survival situations with just this kit alone and besides, who am I compared to Bear Grylls? The Guardian Survival Backpack carries similar items (waterproof matches, rope etc) but it's not as complete.

I believe the Ruck up Ember Solar Power Pack to be a non factor, probably useless in an emergency situation and didn't include it in the list below. Tornado bearing down on your home and you want to make sure you have your cell phone? Really?

As you can see, the $79.99 survival backpack provides a great value at an affordable everyday price. 

Ruck Up Guardian Advantage
Internal frame tactical backpack Deluxe camo backpack Ruck up
No ready to eat food 6 - 400 Calorie Food Bar's (2400 Calories) Guardian
Canteen for water 12- 4oz. Water Pouches Guardian
No water purification 10 Water Purification Tablet's (no container) None
Poncho rain gear Poncho Rain Gear Even
None Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag Guardian
None 16 Hour Body Warmer Guardian
Glow Stick 2pk 12 Hour Emergency Bright Stick Ruck up
Streamlight Stylus Pro White LED Black flashlight Dynamo 4-in-1 Radio Flashlight Guardian
None 30 Hour Emergency Candle Guardian
Bear Grylls Survival Kit (tools and misc gear) More tools and gear Ruck up
None Hygeine sanitation kit Guardian
Adventure Medical First Aid Kit 107 piece first aid kit Even
Clampack Campers Tri Fold Shovel Compact Multi-Function Shovel Even
None Deck of Playing Cards, Note Pad, Pencil Guardian
12" Kukri Machete, Robust Knife 16 Function Knife Even
Military Marching Compass None Ruck up
Duct Tape Duct Tape Even
None 5x7 blue tarp Guardian
None N95 Respirator Dust Mask (NIOSH approved) Guardian

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