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Preparing your vehicle survival kit for a winter snowstorm.


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Everyone has smoke detectors in their house just in case.  Most people have a fire extinguisher in their home just in case. With thousands of miles of roads and people that have to travel during a severe snowstorm do they pack anything just in case? Sometimes just getting home can be a challenge. 

So what should be kept in the car during the winter months?  Don't think you need anything? Why does anyone need a 15 things to have in the car list that doesn't even include medications?

Human beings are naturally lazy. Humans always try to find the easiest way to get something done. What is the easiest way to survive being stuck in the car during a blinding snowstorm?

Keep it simple. Be a lazy human. Follow the rules of 3.

You can survive 3 hours without a regulated body temperature (shelter, clothing), 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. 

Stay in the car, have an emergency car survival kit that has extra blankets, body warmers and other survival gear. If you have some critical medications, keep them with you (at all times). Wait it out until the storm is over or until emergency help arrives. Simple and safe. 

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