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Preparedness Gifts for Friends and Family


Tis the season for giving. Instead of giving cheap junk gifts this year, why not help prepare your friends and family. People spend billions every year giving useless gifts that end up in the closet or attic. Why not give the gift of safey and preparedness?

Winter is coming.  With thousands of miles of rural roads and cold weather regions, waiting it out in the car can mean the difference between life and death.  Most people that travel during the winter months lack any type of emergency gear for their car. Give the gift of safety for friends and family with a combo kit  auto guardian emergency kit

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Since the time change it gets dark so early. Many people leave to go to work in the dark and return home in the dark. A high lumen output tactical flashlight can provide security and light up the darkness. The Nitcore MH27 Tactical flashlight lights up the night with a light beam that shoots over 500 yards (that is five football fields.) Women will love keeping this flashlight near the front door just in case they have to venture out at night to walk the dog or hear a strange sound outside the home.

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If you have a friend or family member that enjoys hiking the wilderness they will need water, Stop packing bottled water. With recycling rates remaining dismally low, the number of plastic bottles produced by the bottled water industry and subsequently discarded by consumers has only made things worse for the environment. With the NDUR 28oz Advanced filtration flip top water bottle you can drink just about any water safely. Fill the bottle from a stream and help out the environment.

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Back in the good old days, everyone carried a pocket knife. A small tactical knife can be one of the most used and handy tools to carry around in your pocket.  The SL Pro Silver-Fire packs a punch in a small package. LED light, super loud emergency whistle, and a magnesium fire starter that showers sparks like crazy.

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