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No firearm? How about a home invasion survival kit.


It is now being called "gun safety" laws.  Gun safety means something totally different to a gun owner.  Whatever it is called, more gun control legislation will not prevent mass shootings or prevent people from doing harm.  We live in a free society and with a free society comes risks.

With the shooting in San Bernadino, stricter gun control laws would have prevented or lessened the carnage.  Really? Gun control laws versus ideology, ideology wins.  Gun free zone?  This couple dropped off their six month old child, had pipe bombs and tactical gear.  What type of gun control legislation prevents someone from getting a gun and doing harm to others?

France has strict gun control laws.  They restrict firearms to groups of people like hunters because hunting is so popular in that country, however you can't by a firearm for self defense purposes.  How did their gun control laws prevent or lessen the carnage of the terrorist attack?

The president lives in the most secure house in America.  Armed guard, alarms, surveillance cameras.  Did that stop Omar Gonzalez from jumping the fence and getting into the White House?

Cocaine and crystal meth is bad for you. It's against the law to distribute and possess. Do people still use these? How about Marijuana? In the state of VA, it is illegal to use, distribute and possess.  Does it stop anyone?

What about the law enforcement?  Their job is to serve and enforce the law. Hence the title. The police can't provide protection.

We have locks on the windows and doors of our home.  Locks are for honest people.  Some people have security systems.  Does that stop a person from breaking into your house?  What would be your last line of defense to protect you or your family?

You could protect yourself and family from harm without a firearm.  Borderland Supply carries a non-lethal home invasion kit, unfortunately, it is not available in in all states (California is one)

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