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I knew it

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I have always enjoyed camping and being in the outdoors. When I was growing up, my parents would pack up the family station wagon (we did not get our first SUV until 1977) hook up the canvas pop-up camper and head to one of the lake campgrounds in our area. Nothing fancy, very simple. Bright white sand, blue skies and freezing cold lake water. Maybe that is why I can't stand cold water as an adult. It also it never occurred to me where the sand came from.

We would fish, play games and have a small campfire burning almost 24 hours. The stars at night were bright and I would roast a hot dog on a stick, than marshmallows and drink Pop! Unfortunately we rarely made Smores (I was deprived as a child)

Nowadays, basic camping is made so simple. You really don't even need an SUV. People can just arrive at a fully set up luxury RV. It's called Glamping! 

It's really not hard. Set up a tent in the backyard with the kids, camp in the car, hike and stay one night. It's good for the kids and here is the study to prove it Children-camping-better-school-happier-healthier/story-26554725-detail/story.html?

I wonder if the study considered bugs. My girls freak out at anything that crawls or flies.

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