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Hurricane season begins


June is the start of hurricane season and there is already a tropical storm approaching the Florida coast. Total people that could be affected is 20 million. We already have had torrential rain, historic flooding and Tornado's across Texas and the mid western states. Total people affected 60 million. 

With the start of the hurricane season, and an estimate of 10 to 16 possible hurricanes affecting the U.S. coastline, it might be a good idea to start a building a basic survival kit and stocking up on some supplies. It only takes one storm to change your life and the community.

If you are evacuated, have a plan where you can stay. A well stocked bug out bag or survival backpack could be your best friend. You might need to stay where you are for for a while until flooding recedes and roadways are restored. You are going to need supplies to get through the storm and for the potentially lengthy and unpleasant aftermath. Water supplies could be contaminated, bathrooms might not be working, electricity could be out. Have enough non-perishable food, water, and medicine to last each person in your family a minimum of 3 days and for a week or more if possible. There are plenty of emergency water systems and emergency food kits on the market. Don't forget about pets.

Stock up on batteries. If the power is out you might want to include a had crank or battery powered radio. Include extra cash.  ATM's and credit card machines need electricity to operate.

First aid and medical supplies for injuries. Infection prevention is key in the aftermath of a major storm.

You might want to keep an extra survival backpack kit stored in your car. Trying to get home when others are evacuating could present a major problem. You might have to shelter in place at work.

While you can't prepare for every situation, some basic common sense and planning will help your weather the storm.

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