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Don't drink that

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"Leafer" time has arrived in our area.  It is one one of the most beautiful times of the year.  The mountains are ablaze in vibrant red, yellow and orange colors. It is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors hiking, biking, backpacking camping or hunting. Some people even travel through the National Park just to check out the beautiful fall colors. 

I have a buddy that went on a hike with his family up on the Parkway. The air was crisp, the mountains have that earthy damp smell, an absolutely gorgeous day for a hike. Everything seemed so pure that he decided to have a drink from one of the clear mountain streams and low and behold, he ended up in the local emergency room a few days later. He had some kind of awful stomach and intestinal distress that I call dieapoopis (a.k.a. wilderness diarrhea)

He violated one of the unwritten rules of the outdoors. Don't drink the water. You never know what is upstream. 

Hydration is important whenever you are in the mountains and there are ways to have drinking water without having to pack a heavy one liter bottle that was bought at the local convenience store.

If he didn't follow the unwritten water drinking rule, I wonder if he could give some tips for what to do if you run into a bear or other wild animal? Maybe a better thought would be to check this guide from Backpacker Magazine.

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