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Best Survival Machete


There are so many types of survival machete's on the market today, selecting one is overwhelming. The absolute best survival machete is one that you have with you so let's keep things simple with two questions.

Do you really need a survival machete? It depends. If you are looking for an inexpensive outdoor tool that is versatile and can handle multiple duties than the answer is yes.

Is a machete a good tool for a survival kit or bug out bag?  Probably not. A good hatchet, survival knife and compact shovel would probably work better. There are even combo shovel survival kits that cover all three tools in one.

There are several types of survival machetes on the market and here at Borderland Supply we carry four of the more popular styles. Some survival machetes are a combination of two or more. 

  • Parang style-also known as Golok machetes, have a distinctive curved shape in which both the spine and the edge of the blade is curved. They can be compact and slightly weighted or fairly evenly weighted with a thick blade. Excellent for cutting and chopping wood.

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Survival Machete

  • Kukri style  have 3 parts to their blade, a pointed tip for stabbing, a wide midsection for chopping, and a narrow area near the handle for whittling and carving.  The Mykel Hawke survival machete combines both the Kukri and Parang for a near perfect blend of versatility and durability. Kukri machetes have been a favorite self defense weapon of the Gurkha Warriors of Nepal  

 Hawkchete survival machete with sheath

  • Bush style -A popular all-purpose machete with a normal, straight  back blade. The blade tends to be evenly weighted and substantial. These survival machetes are very portable, can be fitted with a sheath for easy carry Some have a serrated spine for sawing. Popular with the Walking Dead.


  • Bowie style- a Bowie machete features a clip-point or skinner tip for skinning wild game. Named after Jim Bowie, the infamous American frontiersman. The distinctive skinner tip makes it the perfect utility knife for woodsmen and hunters. Most Bowie style survival knives or machetes have a substantial blade and have a high "wow" factor

Image 1

Since you are looking for the best survival machete for your dollar, check for full tang construction where the blade extends into the handle.  Full tang provides strength, stability and durability. Most survival machetes on the market today are made out of stainless steel or carbon steel and are less prone to rust.

As with all sharp items, use some common sense when swinging and using a survival machete to limit possible injury to yourself or others.

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