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1 million plus need to leave

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No one needs a basic survival kit for there home right? Nothing bad will ever happen to me right? Someone will be taking care of the one million people that are being evacuated from the coastal area of South Carolina with Hurricane Matthew on the way. One quarter of the entire states population. Using the 80/20 rule, that would mean at least 200,000 people will hunker down and try to ride out a possible Class 4 Hurricane with 130 to 140 mph winds. Power is guaranteed to be out for days if not weeks. No power, minimal potable water, no sewer. Imagine trying to stock up on supplies when Wal Mart shelves look like this. 

IMAGE: Summerville, S.C., Wal-Mart

Matthew is the most powerful storm since 2007. Some meteorologists are predicting that Matthew will be similar to Hurricane Floyd in 1999 which forced 2.6 million people to evacuate across 5 states. Most people are completely ill prepared handle a major weather event and will be totally dependent on government resources. They were two busy surfing the internet or watching TV to see what was stolen from the Kardashian house instead of taking some basic emergency prep to take care of themselves and their family. 

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