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5 Items to carry with you everyday


My friend and company military consultant gives some excellent advice for the top 5 items you should have with you at all times. He recently traveled to one of the Istan countries (Kurdistan, Uzbekistan  etc.) and while he is not able to tell me much for security reasons, he does share that their are some dangerous people in the world that want to cause us harm.  He recommends to keep things simple and uncomplicated which is what works for most people. 

#1  A knife. A knife comes in handy in so many situations. Nothing too big and bulky but fits easily into a pocket. Not one that can be used to cut wood to build a survival shelter, just small and effective for everyday use and self defense. Some people prefer a multi-tool for more versatility.

#2  A lighter or some type of fire starter. Bic lighters are very cheap, versatile and great for lighting candles and fires. This versatile knife has some really cool features. 

#3  A flashlight. During the winter months it gets dark so early. Dropping an item outside or trying to find something around the car is nearly impossible. Most cellphone have a flashlight app or you can get a small AA battery flashlight.  

#4  A pen. How many times have you been somewhere and needed to jot something down or leave a note for someone. Some pens can even be used to break glass and for self defense.

#5  A cell phone. Save a life by calling 911 after an accident or contacting emergency services in a survival situation. Cell phones will not work in all scenarios but it will cover most of the everyday situations that might arise.

This list is not all encompassing for every scenario and may change on a daily basis. For those that are thinking about the zombie apocalypse, go pound sand.  That will never happen. Getting stuck in a snowstorm or breaking down in the mountains are more likely to happen.

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