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About Us

About Us

Borderland Supply Co is your online source for high quality outdoor and survival gear. Having a hunker in the bunker, waiting for end of civilization is not our a reason for preparing a survival kit or bug out bag. We strongly believe that most people want to take care of themselves and their loved ones in an emergency.  That is why we support the basic Ready.gov recommendations of having a minimum of 3 days worth of emergency supplies. Who knows, some of our gear might just get you out of a jam and save a life.  

We are also outdoor enthusiasts testing our mettle in the urban jungle on a weekly basis and like most people, have our outdoor adventures on the weekends. We know what it is like to experience the chill of the morning in a tree stand, enjoy a spectacular view from an afternoon hike, and camp off the grid. We strive to provide high quality outdoor gear not found in big box retailers.

Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, family owned and operated. Our commitment is to provide you an excellent service experience and a selection of top quality survival gear and outdoor equipment for your next adventure...just be prepared OK?





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